Creating Catholic Culture: The Importance of the Domestic Church

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If your kids are like mine, they will have spent a week this summer in the local Catholic parish’s vacation bible school program learning about their faith with fun songs, crafts, and snacks.

But you know what? All of the fun doesn’t have to stop after leaving those church doors. Those fun songs, crafts and snacks can all happen within your own home throughout the year!

As parents we are called by the Church to form our own “Domestic Church“, to lay down a foundation of faith and to live it throughout the walls of our own homes.  Aside from regular Sunday mass and frequent reception of the sacraments, we can easily achieve this aspect of our marital vocations by celebrating the feasts of Saints and the seasons of the liturgical year. With their simple addition, our families can dive deeper into our faith, all while exploring the rich wisdom and tradition within our Church.

Just as the Church has Ordinary Time, our ordinary family days can be transformed into days of remembrance and learning. It’s as simple as gathering the children around for family devotions, praying grace before meals or sharing the lives of the Saints through picture books and praying for their intercession. Or perhaps trying one of these fun activities:

chocolate crown of thorns

These simple little tokens of celebration help for our young ones to have a physical grasp of the wonderful traditions and symbolism of the Church.  Over time it becomes a part of their own reality and not just a story that has been told, further building up the framework of our glorious faith.

Need a little help in where to start? Check out these great book resources for creating Catholic culture within your own Domestic Church:

Alternatively, here are some wonderful online resources to further your Domestic Church journey:

Catholic Icing

Domestic Church

Catholic Mom

Catholic Cuisine

Also, if you would like to peruse some picture books for celebrating the lives of the Saints, visit the Three Sided Wheel Store where you will find appropriate books arranged by month.

Three Sided Wheel Store

But remember, it isn’t so much as offering the perfect craft or having an elaborate meal full of symbolism that matters. What is truly important is that your children witness you living out your faith, seeing you pause in prayer, taking the moment to pass on the wisdom of Saints who’s lives are full of virtue, for it is you and your example that they will most remember.


Holly lives in the deep South where you are sure to find at least one monkey jumping on the bed. You can find her on FacebookTwitter, and at Three Sided Wheel,  where she blogs about home education and creating Catholic culture in the heart of her home.


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