Beach Days Redux

We found ourselves here, again.   It is so nice to be able to take a short little drive and arrive in paradise.

My husband grew up here. This sand and that ocean were his backyard. He has many a memory that was made here, most of which I want our own children to have the chance to create and make their own.

He has shared with them that if you drive out just a little bit further to The Pass and take that 3rd boardwalk, yes the one full of sand way over there, that you will find the best sea shells.

And if you walk out just a bit further you are guaranteed to find the perfect spot all to your self. That if you time it just right, you most likely will get to see the beautiful dolphins jovially playing about in the waters.

They know that in this place their kites always fly higher,

messages are always better written in the sand,

that you can rearrange the beach to your hearts content,

and yes you can jump over those massive waves.

They know how a can of mixed nuts with a side of grapes can in fact be a meal, or that sandwiches really do taste better when sand is an ingredient.

Together, they are sharing in the collective memory with their father.

I just hope one day they will share and pass on these memories with their own children.

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