Marian Artist Trading Card Swap 2011: They’re Here! They’re Here!

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Around 3:00 this afternoon there were shouts of glee as the envelope was spotted in today’s mail. Just a few short weeks ago we mailed off our Artist Trading Cards to Kimberlee and her family, and today our cards arrived.

Five little cards, from five other little 7 year old girls,  were ripped from the envelope with much excitement. Hailing from the states of Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee, different renditions of Mary now grace our home. The inclusion of a few addresses has made for one giddy little girl to make pen pals!

I am so thankful to Kimberlee for offering up her time and talent to bestow this wonderful little gift of joy on our family. We have throughly enjoyed this year’s swap! Your charity is greatly appreciated my friend!

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