Seven Years

Her day was eclipsed  by Easter this year, and so it was this past weekend that six little girls and a swimming pool helped to celebrate her years. I’m still in disbelief that seven years have transpired, and if I pause to dwell on the thoughts long enough, it is paralyzing. I was doubtful, completely unprepared, and was absolutely clueless about the type of mother I wanted to personify before 11:58 a.m. that Saturday morning in April.

Before her days, I was on my way and intending to complete medical school. That notion is laughable to me now. Although I do still desire that accomplishment and all of the recognition that follows along with it, I have realized along this journey of being her mother that it would have never been conducive to the family lifestyle that we fostered and have slowly, yet eagerly, fallen into.

Instead, I have chosen this gift, this wonderful and awing gift of motherhood. I am still unwrapping all of it’s folds, and exploring it’s many creases. And, yes, sadly, I have uncovered some of it’s tears and rough edges, but this gift was recieved at exactly the moment I needed it. With all of it’s bewilderment and astonishment,and despite it’s termoltuous and dark moments, I am so glad that she is mine.

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