Beach Days

He knew I needed it, and with no hesitation, we embarked on the adventure. All of us.

See, I have been dragging along these past few weeks.

Trying to remember why it is that I am in this place to begin with, why did we choose this lifestyle?

Why did we choose to have the burden of our children’s education solely rest in us?

It took a little sand and waves, some warm sunshine.

And to stop.

Completely stop.

Completely stop and to realize that this life should not always be about being in perpetual motion. This life is not an emergency.

Being on that beach, being forced to just sit and soak in the moments, I was beckoned to be truly present and witness life’s moments passing.

To watch as they marveled in His creation, with squeals of laughter and delight.

With the urgency of wonder oozing out of their little hands.

I slowly emerged from that mental fog of forgetfulness.

And I remembered!

I remembered, among the awesome vastness of the ocean, with the sand beneath our feet, that these two little people have been entrusted to me.

Out of all the people they could have been granted to, He chose me!

He chose me to be the witness of these wonderful moments, to share in their joy and happiness, and to create these little life moments.

He chose me to be the one present.


To be present.

A burden?


For if He has faith in me, then so shall I.

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9 responses to “Beach Days

  1. Beautiful you<3!

  2. What a beautiful post and gentle reminder. Thank you.

  3. this is a beautiful post. I’ve read it three times and think it speaks to me just when I needed it. Coincidence? I think not 😉

  4. I love this. Thank you for it. Coincidentally, my “word(s) of the year” is “Be Present.” I have been working on it, although not as thoughtfully as I’d like. Thanks for the reminder.

    (Here’s a post I wrote about a quote I found that I thought spoke to that so beautifully:

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