Wrangling the Dirty Dish Monster (Printable)

There are only 4 people in our household– small in comparison to many, I know. But man, can they dirty dishes.  It is not uncommon for multiple glasses or cups to be used by the same person just to get a drink of water throughout the day. So in an effort to not spend the majority of my life with my hands in dishwater, I had to figure out a way to limit my family’s glass and cup usage.

Enter this little guy: a Drink Station.

Each circle got a printed name of a family member, then I laminated it making it a durable and wipeable mat.  Everyone gets one cup or glass for the day and rests it here when it is not being used. It sits by the side of the sink in the kitchen so that the cups do not wander off into different parts of the house.

Not quite beautiful, but it works. And right now, I am all about function over beauty and wrangling the dirty dish monster.

Hopefully it will save you from the same headache, too.


7 responses to “Wrangling the Dirty Dish Monster (Printable)

  1. Why didn’t I think of this myself?!? Great idea, I will definitely have to implement this at my home. No matter how many cups we have there never seems to be a clean one, because everyone always gets a new glass each time they are thirsty!

  2. Love it! (and you!)

  3. I am just reading this today and think this is a great idea too! We have the same problem here with glasses. There are six in this family (5 drinking from cups, one is a nursing baby, so she doesn’t use cups yet!). Currently I have three coasters with names on them for each of the children, but this is neat because I can make one for my husband and I too!

  4. this has been a big issue at our house, since our dishwasher died. I’ve been nagging and nagging the kids to only use one glass per day. Thanks for this! Hopefully there will be no more nagging.

  5. Currently it’s only me and my husband and we’ve already had a couple of fights over dirty dishes. I wonder how we’ll handle it when we have kids!

    • Oh, no! Hopefully, the Drink Station will come in handy and prevent some ‘discussions’. ( My husband says we never fight, we just “discuss” 🙂 )

  6. That’s brilliant! I’m going to try this and I hope this works for us!

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