Capturing Everyday Life: Holy Week {pretty, happy, funny, real}


~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


How can you not find beauty in His works?


The weather has been perfect for frolicking in the sun.




This is what happens when he catches you with a lens pointed in his general direction.

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17 responses to “Capturing Everyday Life: Holy Week {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Beautiful photos and happy children…does life get any better?! Love it.:)

  2. Oh your little dude’s “gun”! I love it! What sweeties.

  3. Very sweet! That rose is gorgeous!

  4. I love the face while feeding the horse. 🙂

  5. I’m glad your family is enjoying the sun! Was your daughter jumping?

  6. Ha ha! Is he posing or threatening the camera? One of my guys completely ducks, and if necessary, runs away. I have a camera that takes shots as long as I hold down the shutter button, and I have a little digital flipbook of him running for cover behind a tree!

  7. Enjoyed the pictures with horses-

  8. Love the horse shots! How neat for kids to grow up around horses.

  9. What a lovely shot of that rose. And what a great, funny shot of your little guy’s face as the horse drops (barely hangs on to?) that carrot!

  10. Oh, my. Your little guy made me laugh. I love that you caught the carrot not making it to the horse’s mouth. I hope he grows out of his shooting phase quickly!

  11. I love the horse-feeding pictures…especially the look on the horse’s face in the first picture.
    The last picture of your little guy made me laugh!!! So cute, and such a boy!!!

  12. I think that little pose is so sweet! He really knows how to work the camera (and maybe a crowd?). Great pictures.

  13. Love the last shot! Reminds me of when my boys were that age.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to browse yours!

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