Laughter at Bedtime

Bedtime around here is usually a knocking of water glasses being filled and a rustling of favorite books being collected for bed side tables. Often a lip is turned down at the corners as the excitement from the day is no more. It is far from quiet.

Tonight, though, was an exception, and was eerily quiet.

It seems a certain little girl had a solution. Simply make a little someone to take her place,

with the same bright eyes and turned down mouth,

candle stick arms with accessories,

and pencil thin legs wearing Daddy’s socks.

Surely no one would notice. With her birth, the quietness was gone, and the house filled with much laughter.

You see, their laughter is the reason that I take pictures at odd hours of the day, with terrible light, with the incorrect lens and the wrong camera setting.

And, you know, I don’t mind one bit. I’d rather live in this moment.

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4 responses to “Laughter at Bedtime

  1. aww-shes so cute!..

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  3. I take some pics at the “wrong” times, too. It’s either that, or miss the moment!

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