Changing Up My Game

I finally made the appointment. Something has gotta change around here. It’s been the same way for over ten years, and I’ve finally gotten sick of it.


This is it circa 1998,

and again here around 2002,

and, then here in 2009.

Which one of these is not like the other?


They are exactly the same! Yep, the same hairstyle has been with me for almost 13 years!


That’s over a decade people!

And I always promised myself that I would:

1) NEVER wear those Mom jeans,

2) NEVER say things to my kids like “Back in the day, when I was your age….”


3) NEVER lose “it”, whatever “it” may be.

Well, looks like I’ve already broken numbers 2 and 3,  and I do not want it to be a sign of the times ahead– Mom jeans, anyone? So I need your help.  And this is what I am thinking:

The Anne Hathaway:

Well, this is me. Only shorter. Scratch that.

The Jessica Simpson:

Short. But, not too short. Simple. But, maybe a little too sassy for me.

Or, The Carrie Underwood:

Long. Layered. Maybe a little too layered. Afterall, I do not have a stylist in the back room here, unless you want to count my two knuckleheads.

Or,  The Kate Middleton:

This. This I can do. Not too complicated. Not too drastic. This is what I am leaning to…

But, you gotta save me here! I need feedback! I do not want to be plagued for another decade. And, I repeat, I will NEVER wear Mom jeans! So help me make sure that doesn’t happen.

So, what do you think? What should I do?

Help me make the decision before Thursday morning at 9…

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8 responses to “Changing Up My Game

  1. OK, I think the Kate look after a couple weeks of caring for two little children would morph right back where you are.

    I think you should definitely go for the Jessica look. You want a change and that really is a change. I think if you did the Kate look, it just wouldn’t be enough change.

    You are definitely sassy enough to pull it off. Anyone who can do all the things you do, and do them as well as you do, can wear this hairstyle!

  2. easylifestyles

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  3. Holly, I agree with Frances – I vote Jessica too. Carrie’s bangs would be in your eyes ALL the time and the Anne Hathaway would be hard to keep in place without tucking it behind an ear. I think the Jessica cut would be adorable on you!
    Good luck!!

  4. Holly, I agree with the earlier responses, too. I think the Kate Middleton look is too similar to your current style. I would go shorter…and maybe a mix of Anne Hathaway and Jessica Simpson…if that’s possible! And avoid bangs! 🙂

  5. What ever you choose will be perfect!AND,you know how much I love your beautiful long hair! But summer will be here soon,and you will not want to ever leave it down,so,I would say shorter, sassier J Simpson! And as fast as your hair grows? You can change it back in no time if it doesn’t agree with you! I Love you! Have fun with it!

  6. Unanimous… the Jessica. In fact I may steal it for myself.

    As your friends have said… the other cuts aren’t much of a change and will morph back to your current do.

    The Jessica cut will look much tamer with your brown hair… so even that won’t look too drastic… but the shaping will be great for you! I have had similar cuts… and it’s really easy to fix… almost fixes itself but with the benefit of adding a lot of energy and movement to your hair.
    your hubby won’t be able to quit staring!!

  7. Jennifer Grainger

    Are you going blond as well? That’s what I assumed when I saw the picture on facebook. I still say go for it. That’d be a REALLLLLL big change. I’m assuming it’s just the cut. Don’t forget to post after pictures!

  8. i LOVE the jessica simpson. i too have had the same darn hairstyle…i think forever. i just can’;t bring myself to make a change:( thanks for visiting me:)

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