Of Jars and Wonder

They captured the poor little guy.

Convinced that they would be able to watch him transform.

Their eyes wide with wonder, carefully observing the contents of the jar.

Is it a moth or a butterfly?

Only time will tell, and we shall see!

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2 responses to “Of Jars and Wonder

  1. Holly–very interesting that you posted this. LOVE YOU guys oh, SO MUCH!!

    last week our priest, Fr. Bill, told a story of how a young boy brought a cocoon to his science class. all day long the students checked in on it. finally, it began to open; they all gathered around in wonder. slowly an antenna was seen. and with a struggle, legs and wings began to emerge…a butterfly! but suddenly, the struggle seemed to be too much and the cocoon seemed too tiring for the butterfly to endure, so the boy took a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon open. there it was, half butterfly and half worm–neither developed. it only lived a short while. later the instructor explained that the compression of the cocoon was necessary to force the liquids into the butterfly’s wings, giving them strength to develop, not only to fly, but to also pull themselves thru their struggles.

    and so it is with our lives……we must go thru our necessary struggles in order to develop into the strong, beautiful butterflies God has created us to be….and to fly!!

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