Pruning and Weeding Out

Their arrival upon my doorstep is a gentle reminder that Easter is on it’s way, that Lent is fast approaching.

I peruse over their pages, carefully reading descriptions, contemplating and discerning just what will do best in our little back yard garden.

After a couple of days of fence sitting, I finally place my order. It is only then that I consider the significance of the catalogs timeliness. They are filled with the promise that if I only take my time to plan and tend and safely guard my investment, that I will be rewarded with a colorful and bountiful harvest.

It is within it’s pages that it strikes me, that if I was completely honest, I do not even spend this much time on myself.  If I willingly applied these same little considerations during the Lenten season to my own conscience, properly evaluated, in the end, by Easter, I too would be able to reward Him with a colorful and bountiful harvest that He so desires me to have.

The trick is to let Lent be a time of pruning and weeding out. And to trust that the investment will indeed be rewarding.


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