I’m down for the count today. And all you mommas out there know that mommas can’t be out of commission for long. We are needed by those little people we brought into this world.

But today, when I miraculously awoke from my sickness induced  stupor at 9:33 A.M., (YES! The Angles did SING!) and the house was still standing, and there was not a blood curdling scream filling the air, and there wasn’t a trail of Cheerios from the kitchen to the living room, I knew that I had accomplished something.

I knew that all that I was hoping to teach and pass on to my children—cheerfulness, grace, respect, responsibility, charity— was actually finding it’s way into their little hearts.

And this little one.

This little one is her mother’s child. This little one helped her little brother get dressed, make his bed, replace all of his bedtime books on the bookshelf, and fixed him the only breakfast she was capable to make– yogurt and a banana.

When I finally was able to rise and witness this sweet little moment. My sick little head was lifted to the heavens.

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4 responses to “Accomplishment

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Love it – you write so eloquently!

  3. Hey guys. I can’t seem to access this page when I’m using the web browser PHANTOM DEMONECROMANCY 61… I highly suspect it being problem coming from either your WordPress theme or maybe your plugins

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