The Difference Between One and Two

The other day, an old college friend, who is expecting her second child, popped on over for a visit. She was radiant in the glow of pregnancy, a cute little pear shape draped in purple. As we sat and chatted she casually asked me “So, really, how different is it going from one to two?”

Now, being the expert mother that we all know me to be, since I have two children and all,  I said without a trace of hesitation:


Yep, those were my sage words of wisdom.


Come on ladies.

I know I’m not alone.

Put your hand up if showering and shaving have now become a spectator sport in your house, too!

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One response to “The Difference Between One and Two

  1. LOL! My daughter was three before I could get a shower by myself without having to sneak into the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning so I wouldn’t get caught! Four kids later and they prefer to just take baths with each other. My advice? Keep having kids until they occupy each other!

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