Toddlers and Plate Spinning: It’s All In The Planning

So, in an effort to prevent this:

And this:

And this:

from becoming daily occurrences, and my home from turning into the three ring circus, I have to plan for this little guy.

So at the beginning of the school year, I created a master list of things he can quietly occupy himself with while I teach my oldest.

It includes things like sorting counting bears, lacing cards, puzzles, laundry basket basketball. Go on. Take a look. I’ll wait…

I keep this list with all of my daughter’s planning materials. The list helps me to make sure that I am actually giving him learning opportunities too, and not just shoving the nearest toy in front of him.

And it helps for the days when I am beating my head against the wall and grasping for straws.


It saves me ever time.

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2 responses to “Toddlers and Plate Spinning: It’s All In The Planning

  1. Great ideas…so many ideas are for preschool age, it’s hard to find ideas for the younger set sometimes! I love the markers, hehe. that looks just like my two year old. She does this *all the time*. Last time she stuck a red markers inside her ears. I prayed we wouldn’t have to go to the doctor before it washed out….

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