I have never been one to be the conversation starter. I hesitate in fear that I will ask the wrong question, over step the boundaries, and leave the person wishing they had never been bothered. In translation, I am often awkward and clumsy in social settings. But as I progress in years I am learning that, we all in fact do want to be bothered. We all hope and wish to be engaged and found interesting by another. We all have a story to tell and yearn and desire to share it.

And I have come to find that as I have begun to  pry myself out of my own personal perception of social awkwardness, and actually enjoy being bothered, and have begun to be the story teller, that at the mention of the word “home schooling”, ears are heighten, eyes are enlarged, and sudden interest is piqued. For many it is a story that they have not yet heard, and it causes all sorts of red flags to emerge, and they suddenly feel the spontaneous urge to embark on a scavenger hunt.

Suddenly, my life is expected to be relayed with a transparency that many do not even share with their own mother. Suddenly, this person feels entitled to my inner most thoughts and workings. And suddenly, they are offended when my own defenses emerge and I leave them with  unanswered queries.


I guess it really does matter what side of the glass you are on.

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