Book Review: New Picture Book of Saints

Every morning, during our school prayer time, I try to touch a bit on the life of the Saint of the day. There are a handful of books that I utilize.

New Picture Book of Saints: Illustrated Lives of the Saints for Young and Old, Saint Joseph Edition by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik is one them.


This is a beautiful hardback book, with about 120-some odd pages, full of color illustrations detailing the lives of various saints..  (If you have any of the palm sized paperback  Rev. Lovasik books, think those just on a slightly bigger scale).

The Table of Contents lists each Saint alphabetically, making it easy to thumb through the book.

In each half page layout,

an illustrated picture of the Saint is accompanied with the date of the Saint’s feast day, a short prayer, and a listing of the Saint’s patronage.

The illustration is followed with a short biography of the Saint’s life and explanation of  their major contributions.




It’s  handy size, beautiful colors, and short biographies serve my family’s needs well.

I hope you will find it will help you in your journey, too.


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