We really shouldn’t be here. If all had gone as planned, we would be 10 hours and 700 miles away by now. That little trip in the summer was a view into the new life, in the new town, in the new state.

I asked everyone to pray for us. That, if it truly was meant to be, the path would be easy and clear.

And the news that the position was his was relieving. I was happy for him. Really happy. I was greatful that  his vision was coming to fruition. Grateful they saw in him what it is that I see. But, my heart ached at the same time.

Do I really want to raise my children there? And a home– In hurricane alley? Should we buy or settle for renting? What will homeschooling be like in a new place? The distance—How often will we be able to visit family?

And then little trickles of assumed details began to surface. And then the path became muddy. So much so that it was clear that it was better to stay put.

And so, stay we did. And on this Christmas morning, my heart knew that staying put was where He wanted us all along.

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