O Christmas Tree

Since the beginning of our family, we have always had an artificial Christmas tree.

But green tinged  plastic  that you take down from the attic doesn’t actually feel or smell like christmas.

So this year, at the urging of my husband, we broke with our old tradition and have now made a new one that I know will stick around.

This year we cut down our own Christmas tree.

Over across the bay and through the woods, there is a little Christmas tree farm,

complete with Santa, and his reindeer.

There are saws for the borrowing, and lots of trees to choose from. And there is something about being out in the cold winter air,  marching through rows of trees,

with whispers and laughter being shared, that made my heart know that this is what I want my children to remember.

It’s these little adventures as a family I hope they will treasure.

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