Job Recognition

To most a new job title is usually not something that is presented out of the blue.  Most people generally know when they are up for such a promotion, eagerly anticipate the day that such a promotion will occur, and are usually happy about the said promotion.

I was given no forewarning for the new job title I received out of the blue today.  And this new title is not quite a promotion.  More of a lateral move, I’d say.

I received my yearly job performance review this afternoon. And as to be expected, my employer failed to recognize the long hours I have put in on the job, the back-breaking labor that was endured, and the sacrifices of my own personal time that was used to complete special projects.  And to add insult to injury, my employer was not generous enough to give me a raise…our country is in a recession after all.

However, unexpectedly, at the end of today’s meeting, I was issued a new job title.

As of today, I am now officially, “The Worst Mother In The World”.

Well, to be completely accurate, “The Worst Mother In The World In Sixteen States Since 1669”.


Completely out of the blue I tell you.

Completely. Out. Of. The. Blue.

I thought I’d have at least 8 more  years before I’d receive this title.

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